July 16, 2019

a beautiful weekend in the mountains

June Lake

This past weekend, my family and I took a quick getaway up to the mountains to Mammoth and June Lake. It’s about a five hour drive to Mammoth which is a popular ski resort in the winter, and summer up there is truly magical.

We stayed in a quaint cabin in June Lake since it was close to the starting point of the triathlon my husband was racing in on Saturday morning.

Here’s a view from the small marina in June Lake which was a two minute walk from our cabin. Oh, how I love that sparkly afternoon water!

Randsburg General Store

The drive up was pretty scenic too. We stopped in a little "ghost town" called Randsburg, which I guess is pretty busy during Thanksgiving week and the winter ski season. It’s technically not a ghost town, since people still actually live there, but in the summertime it’s pretty deserted.  

We even had to drive by Ridgecrest where the two big earthquakes were centered on the 4th and 5th of July! 


It was nice to finally arrive at our little cabin that was surrounded by yellow roses.

The BEST place to eat up there was called The Lift, and luckily they opened at 6:30 every morning so I got my almond milk cappuccino first thing in the morning, while taking the short walk in 45 degree weather.

It did warm up to the 80’s every day, but the nights were nice and cool.


After my morning coffee and homemade (paleo) banana bread from The Lift, it was time for a little walk to the marina and around the lake to explore some of the older cabins and little critters scurrying around like chipmunks and robins.  

And every morning I got to pass these beauties too! 

peach colored poppies and purple cranesbill geraniums

And yes, these poppies are real!

The color of the lake is so fabulous!

Gull Lake

Gull Lake is another smaller lake that’s only about a ten minute walk from our cabin. Here if you look straight back, you can see a small hill covered with trees. 

There's a really cool rope swing there, so it's a popular place to visit. We rented a little boat like the one on the right and visited that fun spot. It's so pretty there! 

One morning we headed to Mammoth to take a gondola ride up to the top. There were plenty of skiers and snow boarders up there taking advantage of the summer snow!!

Independence, California

There are a few interesting towns to stop in on the way up to June Lake and Mammoth like Lone Pine, Independence and Bishop. This little church near Mount Whitney in Independence caught my attention. Isn’t it cute?

Mount Whitney,
the tallest mountain in the continental U.S.

All in all is was an amazing long weekend spent relaxing and exploring. My husband had an amazing race at the June Lake Triathlon, and it was really awesome being at the finish line to cheer him on and see him get his medal.

Hopefully we’ll be able to take this trip again next year!

ciao! fabiana

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Coco Cooks said...

This is so reminiscent of my childhood summers--I'd love to go back!

Claudia Fabiana said...

You must visit again soon, Peggy! It's wonderful!


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