January 7, 2013

million dollar decorators this week

This week on Million Dollar Decorators, 
I discovered that Mary McDonald 
and I have the same porch railing design 
on the front of our houses!  

I love her, and I can't believe 
I somehow managed to create something 
at my house that mirrors her style...
purely coincidental, 
but so cool!

my house

Mary has such great style!

Next, Jeffrey and Ross decorated 
a vacation home in Nantucket, 
and oh, I am in love!  
The house turned out so hip and beachy, 
but with a definite New England vibe.

Great Room

TV Room with those fabulous sconces

detail of sconce

ottomans from West Elm

master bedroom

chair in master bedroom

a desk purchased from a catalog like the majority of the furnishings in the house

cozy eating nook
Kathryn and client Lindsey Lohan 
started working 
on Lindsey's new house.
Lindsey and Kathryn
And lastly, Martyn flew to England 
to help his sister 
remodel an old pub she purchased.
Martyn packing up in his super "glam-glam" bedroom

I don't know, do you think this wallpaper is "pubby" enough?

I guess it is!

ciao! fabiana

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