January 12, 2013

inside yolanda foster's closet and home

Inside the newest BH Housewife Yolanda's ginormous walk-in closet

I love the built-in mirrors

a few of many designer handbags

the neutral toned shoes

glass doors keep clothing clean and fade resistant

a little dinner party setting

a simple table set with rose petals, flowers, lemons and candles

a pretty succulent arrangement

here is the infamous custom-made glass refrigerator  
an infinity pool with views of Malibu 

a lounging area

the large fire pit and comfortable seating

a huge and decorative picnic table

more cozy seating and a lovely California suset

ciao! fabiana

via Bravo

1 comment:

Gypsy Heart said...

You know, I like her on the show. Right now she seems to be very human and balanced, unlike some. :) Her home is gorgeous and I love the outside. I guess it's just me but the closet feels like excess to me. So many people in need and she/they have so much. Oh well, that's true of many wealthy folks isn't it?


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