January 8, 2013

perfect spot for your morning coffee

This sunny southern California morning
inspired me to collect a few of my favorite
cozy little breakfast nooks from pinterest.

All are warm and have a certain charm
and would be lovely to sip coffee in. 

My favorites are numbers 1 and 9.

If you feel inclined,

let me know which one’s your favorite!

ciao! fabiana


  1. Ah number two is soooo cute i would love to recreate this look at my restaurant newport beach. Thanks for sharing what great ideas! Love colors

  2. Wow! Who can choose. No. 3 is tops with me. Jazzy, eye opening colors for us non-morning types, nice padding on seats, backs, totally coordinated decor. Modern and fresh looking. No. 5 I pinned previously. Spring Fresh green and white, easy DIY and fits in a small space. What's not to like.

  3. I loved curved seating so that first one wins in my book, but I love the bright colors too!

  4. No. 6 is my favorite. It looks so fresh and cozy. Love the chunky table.
    Mary Alice

  5. Hard to say which is the most perfect since all are delightful. I could easily have my morning coffee at any one.

  6. Oooh, I think number 1 and number 6 are my favorites. I love the tables near a window like that. In our old house, our kitchen table was by a nice big bay window.


let me know what you think....

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