January 6, 2013

so excited for Downton Abbey!

The premiere of Downton Abbey, Season 3 is tonight,
 and I’m so excited!  
It's one of the few shows that my husband and I
both love and enjoy watching together.

I think my favorite thing about the show
is all of the gorgeous period costumes.

The details are just stunning!
Season 1 started in 1912 with the sinking of the Titanic,
and the fashion was very Edwardian.

Now they will be headed into the roaring twenties,
which sounds like so much fun!

But of course, the story line is enticing.
The basic outline of the story reminds
 me of one of my favorite books and movies, 
Gone with the Wind.

Both stories center around a wealthy family
with three daughters whose lives are entwined
with their servants. 

Then an epic war takes place,
and their lives are never the same as before the war
when all was so glorious!

I’ve found some of my favorite photos
of the cast to share with you. 

ciao! fabiana


Heather@http://southernabbey.com said...

Thanks for collecting all the pics. I can't get enough of their beautiful clothing. And the hair...I would love to try that wave but I hear it requires a ton of hair gel and it's like a helmet. Oh well!

andrea@townandprairie said...

Man, when is the boxed set of this series comin' out??

Connie said...

I saw the new season last Sunday night. LOve it and was excited that it was starting again. Thanks for the lovely pictures.

The Pin Junkie said...

Fantastic pictures! I want to pin them all! I'm a Downton Abbey fan too. Visiting you through Wow us Wednesdays on Savvy Southern Style. Thanks for sharing!

Decor To Adore said...

Someone get me my smelling salts I'm swooning.

Sandy said...

I started watching Downton Abbey in the
middle of season 2 and think I need to
buy the tapes.. I love this show!
Good Post

Unknown said...

i love this show,i can't waiting for downton abbey season 4 dvd box set ,so i want to buy the dvd and watch it

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