March 2, 2019

it's all about springtime decor

A vibrant spring table set with the most fragrant old-world roses transports us to a world of days past. 

One can only imagine the delicious lunch awaiting us in this glorious setting

and take a look at this festive table. Turquoise and lavender china initiate the color palette at this table

but doesn’t limit the possibility of introducing interesting shades of green linens and cabbageware and stunning pink peonies that overflow their containers.

Let’s step into the backyard where spring is springing on us from all four corners of the gardenAncient brick walls are covered with evergreen vines that envelop us with feelings of comfort and calm. 

What better place to take in the change of seasons than the luxury of a grand garden like this one? 

Climbing roses are my latest garden obsession, and I’m finding that they fit in perfectly with my favorite herbs and succulents

Why not fill that blank wall or porch pillar with an old English variety of climbing cabbage rose?  

As seen in this month’s issue of Veranda, climbing roses, go hand-in-hand with ginormous succulents like this variegated agave.

California is a wonderland of plants, terrain and lifestyle. It's fun to incorporate some of these favorite elements into your own garden for a totally unique look.

One can only dream of a room with a view like this! 

I’m working on updating my living room to open up to the garden with view of my sweet little garden shed and lavender garden.  

Growing a variety of antique roses in shades of pink, peach and white is at the top of my list for Spring! I spent many days this winter planting legendary varieties of my favorite roses in the back garden.

My task at the moment is to nurture and just watch these roses as they develop from youngsters into beautiful debutants in the garden. With all the rain we’ve had, they’re well on their way! 

And how about this jaw-dropping shelf display of blue and white loveliness mixed with a brilliant mix of roses and dahlias? And that collection of pink books! 💗 Wow! 

Of course peonies are always on my radar. Known for centuries for their exquisite beauty and striking colors, I oftentimes splurge on a bouquet of peonies, just because…

And of course unique patterns of antique china are one of my favorite ways to usher in Spring. It’s so fun to mix and match unexpected patterns and colors. 

Here’s a little peek at some of my latest acquisitions

Roses are always at the forefront of my thoughts, especially this time of year!

ciao! fabiana

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Photo Credit: Veranda and Southern Living,
unless otherwise noted


Unknown said...

Looking forward to Mardi gras and Cinqo de Mayo parties and decor. Always feels like summer is around the corner at these events

Claudia Fabiana said...

I agree! I love Mardi gras and Cinqo de Mayo. They're such festive holidays.



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