March 21, 2017

beautiful framed succulents

Framed succulents are the ideal focal point for a barren patio or garden wall. I know there are many nurseries that sell similar arrangements to these, but they can be pricey. Have you ever thought about making one of your own? Here are a few guidelines for you, if you’re feeling crafty enough to create your own succulent wall hanging.

Make or purchase an interesting wooden frame. With the frame still face down, you’ll want to use a staple gun and staple ½ inch grid hardware cloth to the back edge of the frame. Then attach a ¼ inch plywood backing to the shadow box with nails or staple gun. Fill with soil over the hardware cloth and push soil through the openings. Keep adding soil until it reaches the bottom of the wire grid. Lay your project flat on a table. 

Have your succulents ready. Choose varieties that stay small. Echeveria, hens & chicks, and sedums are good choices because they’ll stay tidy and compact. Limit your palette to three or four colors. 

Choose different varieties of succulents within that color scheme and supplement with cuttings if you can. Create movement of color through the display. If it’s a larger piece, you can give your framed plants a focal point, such as a singular large floral shaped selection.

Use a chopstick or pencil to push through one square of the grid and into the soil. Place the stem of each succulent cutting into the planting hole. Finish the look by tucking in smaller varieties after you've planted the larger ones. As the succulents grow, they'll fill in bare spots. 

Keep the framed succulents flat and in the shade for at least a week or two for the roots to establish themselves.  Hang the frame on a wall with heavy duty picture frame hooks and water about once a month, by laying it flat.

Then just sit back, grab a cold drink and enjoy!

ciao! fabiana

Photos from the California Cut Flower Commission

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