March 13, 2017

what's your kitchen style?

Kitchens are such a personal space, and whether you like to cook or not, it’s ultimately the place where everyone likes to congregate. So today I’m wondering what your favorite kitchen style is. How would you describe your perfect kitchen? 

I’m sharing some examples of a few interesting ones I found recently. This first one is Coastal InspiredWhite cabinets, a hint of ocean blue, driftwood tones and beach glass inspired lighting are some of my favorite elements here.

Second, I love this Traditional Modern look. It has all the characteristics of a traditional style, but is streamlined, uncluttered and elegant.

This next style I’m labeling Eclectic Modern Farmhouse. It’s a little boho chic, with a little nod to kitchens from the past. Gathered vintage elements combined with modern amenities create a warm and cozy look.

The best of both worlds, Coastal Farmhouse style! This home would fit in perfectly near the beach or in the middle of a prairie, or for that matter, anywhere you wish! The vibe of this style is easy, breezy, comfortable.

This last style is hard to pinpoint with a name. Vintage Estate style is what I come up with. Picture a stately old home with amazing details and character, and then infuse modern luxuries. (This may be my favorite style!)

You can have the best of both worlds! And, oh that table! Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned eat-in kitchen? 

So remember, let me know what your favorite kitchen style is. It may not be pictured here, but I’d love to know! xoxo 

ciao! fabiana

photo credit: 
Coastal Living
Traditional Home
  House & Home
Coastal Living
McAlpine House

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  1. I like ALL the kitchens you pictured here! It's the interesting ceilings, black-painted windows and all the farmhouse and cottage-like touches in them that I find appealing.
    I would love to spend time cooking in any of them!
    Carol in SD


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