March 30, 2017

coffee and then ikea

I started out my day having my coffee at my newly set up table in the back yard and contemplated all the spring cleaning and sprucing up that needs to be done out here. Made a list... somehow, that led me to Ikea later in the day. 

I think what really got me there was needing to go to Peinture to buy some more Pure White chalk paint for some of the projects that need to be done. You see, Peinture is very close to Ikea, and I always need an excuse to go to Ikea

Once you figure out your way, navigating through Ikea's a breeze! I know right were to go now, and where to find what I’m looking for.

I guess when I got there, I decided that I really "needed" some “blush” dinner plates, in that very, very pale pink color that's so pretty for spring and summer. And they had just what I was looking for, and more

The best thing about these plates, besides their gorgeous soft color, is the matte finish. Love these! Here are a few other things I found today…

1.  geometric design place mats,
 that look great with my Serena & Lily chairs.
2.  a nubby raffia rug for outdoors,
this will look great on the patio or on the lawn.
3.  the blush dinner plates,
the prettiest color!
4. a beautiful oval white metal tray,
perfect for serving drinks and more!
5. blush water glasses,
a must have with the blush plates.

Now there’s just a little painting to be done…
Luckily, it’s almost the weekend,

And I might get a little help with the “sprucing up” part! 

ciao! fabiana

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