February 28, 2019

a gorgeous day in la jolla

Last weekend, we had a chance to getaway for the day to La Jolla. It’s just a 90 minute drive here from Newport, so getting there is not a big deal, and when we arrive….  

I love to stop off at La Valencia for a peek at the view and a yummy cappuccino – with almond milk. They also make amazing blueberry muffins, but I was just an muffin observer this time around, you see I’m on the Paleo diet. More on that later…

Seriously, the day was absolutely flawless! Look at the view looking down at the pool and at the Pacific beyond.

This is the kind of place I love calling "home". We didn't stay here this time around, but I do have another longer trip planned soon. 😉  

Here’s a look at the lounge area that’s so cozy for breakfast or an afternoon snack.

This is the view from that same lounge. I just LOVE it here!!

So, after a quick pick-me-up at La Valencia, we headed down the street for a walk around the always stunning La Jolla Cove area, high above the cliffs, and looking down at the incredible wildlife and ocean below.

There are seven caves in this area, but the most famous one is my favorite, the Sunny Jim Cave that’s accessible through the Cave Store.

The Cave Store’s been around for more than a hundred years, and for a small fee, you can descend 145 steps into the underground world of the beautiful Sunny Jim Cave.

This little journey feels sort of like you’re walking down into a mine, but the end result is just absolutely breathtaking!

Do you see the profile outlined in the cave? He's so cute!

From there we continued our walk around the cliffs, around the bend to see the seals and sea lions that nap along the smooth rocks there. Do you see how well they blend in to their surroundings?

As long as you don’t bother these guys they’re harmless, and how lucky are we to get so close to this amazing wildlife?

And speaking of wildlife, how cute is this loggerhead sea turtle? She lives at the Birch Aquarium which is just around the bend from downtown La Jolla.

I hadn’t been to the Birch Aquarium in ages, and it was really a fun visit and so calming to get a glimpse of just a little bit of the fascinating underwater world.

This is the view from the aquarium, looking back at La Jolla in the distance.

I'm so thankful for such a beautiful day and can't wait to visit again soon. It's was the perfect little getaway!

ciao! fabiana

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  1. Wow! California is the best place to live!! Thank you for your wonderful photos!

    1. Lisa, thanks for stopping by the blog!

      Have a great weekend!!


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