January 31, 2019

a beautiful and easy valentine treat

Step out of the kitchen and check out my favorite no-bake treats for Valentine's Day this year... stop by Trader Joe's and Costco for these beautiful and truly yummy treats.

And aren't these blush colored stock flowers perfect? They're from TJ's as well.

The chocolate mousse heart cake is from Trader Joe's and the lovely raspberry macarons are from Costco, believe it or not! 

Here’s what they look like in their packaging.

We had this cake for dessert last night, and I’m headed back to pick up another today, since my family loved it so much!

Here’s what it looks like all dressed up with some fresh raspberries… yum!

ciao! fabiana

Favorite Trader Joe's Cookbook:


  1. Thanks for sharing, Fabiana. I'm hosting a "Galentine's" brunch and these would make perfect dessert options! Going to check out Trader Joe's...didn't see the macaroons at Costco today but will check another one nearby. 💕

    1. That's great! The macarons were in the refrigerated section, near the hummus and other desserts. 💗


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