August 11, 2017

a flamingle pool party

According to the urban dictionary,
a flamingle is a combination of flirting and mingling,
but in this case, it’s just a little mingle
amongst the flamingos, 

with a little swimming thrown into the mix!

So here's how I set the scene for
our latest pool party...

To set the table for this fabulous pink soirée,
I started with luau style raffia placemats
and large palm leaves that look
like philodendron leaves.

They’re perfect for a fun summer party! 

Always a great standby for any party are
a great set of clear glass plates.

You may recognize them from 
some of the other tables I've shared on the blog.

They're so versatile, match any style and theme,
and are one of my all-time favorite
tablescape accessories.

Well, look at how they work here...
the beauty of the palm leaf comes shining through
but the glass adds a much needed dose of elegance.

It's so fun to mix high and low pieces on a table.

The little inflatable 
flamingo drink holders were a must for this table.
As soon as I spotted them in the Oriental Trading catalog,
I had to have them for table...

and I ordered a few extras for the pool.

They’re soooo cute!

I love how these little flamingos add
just the right touch of whimsy
to the table.

At the center of the table are
two more friendly little flamingos
that are part of the centerpiece.

These guys came in a set of four,
with two large ones (mom & dad)
and two smaller ones (the kidlets).

I just cut a few leaves from my sago palm
and used two blocks of floral foam as a base
to create a little nesting area
for this pair of flamingos.

Some bougainvillea adds 
a bit more pink.

Bright paper lanterns are always a festive accent
and they look so pretty swaying in the breeze..

Seeing these little guys floating around
just makes me smile.

The larger flamingos are out near the
pool keeping an eye on the festivities, and

I don’t think a pool party is
complete without a few fun beach balls.

I also set up a few cocktail
tables around the pool for extra seating.

Lavender lemonade will be on the menu
to help keep thing cool.

You know me and my succulents, 
well I found the cutest pink succulents
that make the perfect accent for the smaller tables.

BTW, they're faux!

I'm not the only one who's a big fan 
of my new flamingo accessories, 
my dogs got really excited about the 
new inflatable flamingos in the pool.

They actually thought they were real
 and started barking up a storm!

And little Dugan was the biggest culprit...

wishing you a fabulous weekend!

ciao! fabiana

And it all came together like this:

Luau Place Mats:  Oriental Trading
Large Palm Leaves:  Oriental Trading
Inflatable Flamingo Drink Holders:  Oriental Trading
Bright Beach Balls:  Oriental Trading
Pink Napkins: World Market
Pink Glasses:  vintage
Clear Glass Plates:  vintage
Bamboo Flatware:  ebay
Flamingo Party Tea Towels:  Ciao Blog Shop
Paper Lanterns:  Oriental Trading
Bistro Chairs:  Serena & Lily
Faux Succulents:  World Market

Thank you to Oriental Trading for sending me these products to review. 
The opinions expressed in this post are truly my own.


  1. Loved this post. We are hoping to have a party this season when all of our snowbird friends return to Florida. I was pinning away here today. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thanks, Pamela! I hope your party is fabulous...

      ciao xo

  2. Love this party theme. Sure everyone loved it.

  3. Thanks, Sandy. I think it was a hit!

  4. What a darling idea! I am a huge flamingo fan, so naturally this post made me smile :)

  5. Ah that is the perfect theme for where I live (Florida). ) Everything looks so cute.


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