December 3, 2016

behind the pink door

Sometimes I feel like a busy little bee, pollinating ideas and inspiration to spread to my friends. I stop here and there, and pick up new finds and share them with you all, and then you put your own spin on it, and the design concept continues and disperses. That’s my M.O., spread the LOVE! All positive and inspirational! So when I came across A Beautiful Mess blogger Elsie Larson’s fabulous pink front door, I had to share! How fun is this color? {Well, I love it, but you won’t see it on my front door, as my husband probably wouldn’t put up with it.}   
As you enter Elsie’s home, the pink theme continues in a low-key way. Subtle touches like that fabulous vintage pink phone in the entry, and the pink lamb skin in the bedroom. But wait! What really caught my attention was....
This amazing collection of glassware in her dining room that’s displayed in rainbow fashion! How fun is that?

Enjoy the weekend, y'all
and get out there and pollinate your creativity!

via  Domino & Elsie Larson

ciao! fabiana


  1. Love the pink door lovely to look at. WOW the glassware is a sight to behold, thanks for sharing.............

    1. That glassware kind of takes my breath away. Happy you enjoyed it too!

  2. I'm kind of obsessed with the pink door and love the lighting selections. I did colored glassware in our bookcases as well. This person and I could be sisters! ��

    1. Pamela, I agree. You and Elsie have the same great taste!


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