November 30, 2016

comfort food, belgian style

I've just discovered lifestyle blogger and home cook Virginie Degryse’s new cookbook that's filled with deliciously healthy Belgian-inspired California cuisine. And the timing couldn't be better, since this book celebrates the autumn and winter seasons with a variety of yummy comfort food recipes like Vegetable Pot Pies, Apple Pie Oatmeal, vegetable soufflés and Turkey and Cranberry Soup. Virginie grew up learning and cooking with her mother and grandmother during the holiday seasons, so her newly released cookbook, Crave and Cook: Home Cooking During the Holidays celebrates the traditions and flavors of her native Belgium. I love how she integrates traditional Belgian recipes with a modern and healthy California twist. My family and I start our day with oatmeal most mornings, and Virginie has a few really good adaptations to this family staple. I’ve selected three of my favorite recipes to share with you. Most of them are pretty easy to make. Be sure and check out her Crave and Cook blog for more fabulous recipes, and let me know if you try any! 

ciao! fabiana

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