February 9, 2021

a new little gem for Valentine's Day


Hi, everyone! I’ve had a nice long break this winter, and now I'm back with a few of my favorite things to share. I hope you're doing well so far in 2021. 


Since the holidays, most of my time has been spent in the garden, creating a new perennial border where we removed a small lawn. Once it starts growing a bit more as we head into spring, I’ll share photos and details. Today it’s all about Valentine’s Day! 


With Christmas and New Years behind us, the next holiday to take note of is Valentine’s Day. For today’s feature, I’ve teamed up with Vagabond House to showcase these gorgeous feather napkin rings, created in heirloom quality pewter, and so lovely for any occasion.  


To accentuate the beauty of each napkin ring, I chose simple soft pink napkins and folded them in a soft fan pattern to fill the plate, and add movement to this look. 

One of my favorite patterns of red transferware is “Asiatic Pheasant” by Johnson Brothers, and I selected this pattern specifically for the bird motifs, which work nicely with the feather napkin rings. 

In the background, you can see the pretty Song Bird Candelabra, another lovely item I cherish from Vagabond House. It’s just the right size for an intimate table setting and is just filled with charm! 


The tablecloth, place mats and pink goblets are all vintage, and if you look closely, the flatware is also from Vagabond House.  


It’s the Acorn Flatware set that I love to use for fall, but works just as well here with the feather and bird motif, which makes me think of a romantic woodland setting. 


This year it will be just a cozy table for two. Not sure what’s on the menu yet. What will you be having to celebrate? 


ciao! fabiana 



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Mary Cox said...

Beautiful and so feminine. So glad you are back. I missed your cheerful blog and gorgeous pictures. Happy Spring coming up. Also Happy Valentine's Day and Presidents' Day.

Claudia Fabiana said...

Thanks so much, Mary! Happy Valentine's day!! 💗


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