December 15, 2020

christmas in the living room

Just popping in today to share a few snapshots of the living room. I’ve been working on a styling project for the last week, and in between set ups, I did manage to get a few images of some of my favorite spots in the living room.  


This is a little holiday vignette on our living room desk. I’ve been collecting these little vintage advertising crocks over the last two years, and now with less time spent at thrift stores, I've been treating myself to a few new ones from ebay recently.  


A new place to keep some of my favorite books in the living room… My friend Dennis makes these pretty mahogany benches, so I just stacked two, and they seem to do the trick. 
Our living room is basically finished now. We added practically every mirror in the house to this large expanse of wall, and they seem to do the trick of adding lots of light. When seated in the room, we mostly we get reflections of the garden, which is lovely. 

Two of our family trees blend in with the grouping, as well. I’m really into genealogy and always have been. Back in the day, I’d spend my time researching our family at university libraries. Now it’s so easy, and everything can be done online. 
PS that little pink house was a roadside find this summer, along with a bunch of other discarded Christmas goodies. 


Our lovely Welsh Dresser has now become the centerpiece of our living room. Since the dining room's too small for such a large piece of furniture, this guy now sits front and center on the back wall where we can admire it from almost every room downstairs. 
This hutch is a well-loved family heirloom, and rumor has it, it originally came from the Henry Ford estate. I think the best way to show it off is with lots of white tableware and accessories. 


My hubby actually added some of the holiday décor to the shelves while we were decorating the tree. 🎄 Just the right amount of Christmas cheer, I think! Thanks, dear. 😘 


Here's a little peek at the styling work I'm doing this week for Kalyana Textiles, and I couldn't help but sneak in a little Christmas set up using their pretty red and white napkins. 

I'll check back with you soon, and I hope you'll check back with me too!

ciao! fabiana 

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Also wanted to share with you that I just found out this weekend that my new Amazon storefront has been approved! I’ve got several different categories for gift suggestions, including My Christmas Gift Guide 




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