December 14, 2020

favorite holiday accents for the table

You may have seen the Christmas inspired by nature tablescape that I shared earlier in the month. Well today I’m back to share how a few little elements that I found on Amazon helped bring the table all together. 


Of course, the tableware basics are things I’ve already had, and then I went out and foraged a few fern fronds to divide up as a natural looking runner.  


An extra bag of cranberries leftover from Thanksgiving did the trick to add some festive color to the table. 


Special holiday interest is added to each place setting, and it was really so easy to put together with some key craft pieces. 


I’m not that crafty, but these were easy elements to combine... 


I whipped out my trusty old glue gun to make these mini wreaths, and dug into my supply of twine to bring things together. 


Only 10 more days until Christmas! 


Here are the little things helped bring everything together to create this festive table: 

(Just click on the name of each item)



All in all, this is one of my favorite holiday looks. Neutral colors on the table, with just a hint of natural green and fruity elements makes my heart sing! 


This look has been a theme in my home all season.  

Also wanted to share with you that I just found out this weekend that my new Amazon storefront has been approved! I’ve got several different categories for gift suggestions, including My Christmas Gift Guide 


I’d love it if you all came for a visit to my new virtual shop to check it out!   

ciao! fabiana 



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