August 5, 2019

laura ashley's back

When we bought our first home years ago, I remember the extra bedroom was set up as a nursery and was beautifully wallpapered in a periwinkle blue and white patterned Laura Ashley wallpaper.

It turned out to be the perfect décor when we had our first baby, a boy, a few years later and at the time I really fell more in love with that beautiful Laura Ashley wallpaper.

It was a simple ticking stripe in the bedroom and the bathroom was done in a bright yellow coordinating mini-print. Laura Ashley was big in the 90’s, but after we moved from that home a couple of years later, Laura Ashley fell by the wayside in my mind.

In fact, the name Laura Ashley hasn’t popped into my head until I recently received a catalog and was astonished to know that they're still around!

For those of you unfamiliar with Laura Ashley, she was a Welsh fashion designer and businesswoman who originally made decorator fabrics and wallpapers in the 1950s, and later started designing clothing in the 1960s.

The Laura Ashley style is characterized by romantic English designs. It was Little House on the Prairie chic way before shabby chic was around.

She translated her memories of the Welsh countryside into fabrics and created that relaxed English country look that still appeals to us romantics of today. Here's a look at some of my favorite vignettes from the catalog...



ciao! fabiana

P.S. I’m on a mini-summer vacation for August, so you’ll be reading condensed versions of summer-inspired blog posts this month.

Photos by Laura Ashley

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