June 21, 2017

the homes of Ramona and Dorinda

It’s Wednesday,
and for us housewives fans,
that means it's RHONY night!

So for fun,
 I'll be sharing an up-to-date look at
Ramona Singer’s newly updated
Upper Eastside apartment,

and then we'll have 
a little look at Dorinda's amazing
"Blue Stone Manor" set in the beautiful
countryside of the Berkshires.

So, we'll start with Ramona's 
super chic Manhattan apartment...

Since her divorce,
Ramona’s been reinventing herself in
more ways than one.  

Out with the old, and in with the new!
Ramona's place now looks 
sophisticated and super hip.

It's the perfect pad for a single girl. 

Turtle time, anyone?

Doesn’t she look great for being 60?!

I love the updated and fresh white look
which starts as soon as you walk in the door.

It’s such an improvement!

There are some really nice contemporary
accessories and artwork and
they play wonderfully against all the
white and grays.

She started the transformation by
 removing all the overbearing drapes
and painting the walls decorator white.

White marble in the kitchen

is always a good idea!

She calls this apartment her “Sanctuary in the sky”.

Ramona was originally planning on selling this
apartment after the renovation, 
but it turned out so beautifully,
that she’s decided to stay here after all!

Pretty powder room…

And, you can’t beat its location near Central Park!

Here are some before pictures…

Such a HUGE improvement,
don’t you think?

Now moving on to Dorinda Medley’s fabulous
“Blue Stone Manor” in the Berkshires…

She has an apartment in the city,
but this amazing mansion is Dorinda’s true home.

She grew up here in Great Barrington,
and her mother and sister live close by,
so this home is really near and dear to her heart.

was built in 1904,
and the inside was redecorated
by Dorinda a few years back
with the help of the design firm of
Marshall Watson Interiors.

She humorously gave them the basic vibe
she wanted for the house, which was
"Marilyn Monroe meets Frankenstein!"

Of course, most of the original 
character and details of the home were
lovingly maintained. 

Oh, how I wish I was on the east coast because
Dorinda’s home is going to be featured in the
Lenox Garden Club’s
House & Garden Tour on
July 15th!

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to get a chance to
walk through Dorinda’s house and take an
up-close and personal look at all the
amazing details?

Well, for now, I can take you
on a little bit of a virtual tour…

This is her vibrant billiard room.

And here’s the easily
recognizable dining room,
where many a housewife has dined
and taken verbal jabs at each other.

By the way, Dorinda has about 15 sets of china
because she likes to have different options for the
different themed dinner parties she throws.

A girl after my own heart!

Here’s the spacious kitchen,
where Dorinda always whips
up a yummy home cooked meal,

and always makes it nice.

(Sorry I couldn’t resist!)

Details in one of the guest rooms.

And now on to the living room
with the blue lacquered walls. 

This is a very grand space with
great fun accent colors,

and there are plenty of
cozy spots to nestle with a good book
 and a cup of coffee,
or a  martini! 

If you're in this area Massachusetts
and plan to go on the home tour
please let me know! 

Cheers, Dorinda!

ciao! fabiana

photo credit:

Daily Mail UK, Town Vibe Berkshire, Bravo
Dorinda Medley on instagram & twitter

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