December 14, 2019

I'm so looking forward to Christmas

It’s not a matter of lacking Christmas spirit. I’ve got a lot of it this year. While Thanksgiving was so late this year, I’ve just been a little slow with my own Christmas décor here at home. 

Sometimes it’s just fun to enjoy the season, no strings attached. Getting together with friends, cozying up by the fire, and admiring the twinkling lights in town each evening are life’s simple pleasures during this time of year.  

So, Miss Lazy Bones over here has finally got it together with my own holiday home decor. This little tree came together rather unexpectedly. After a nice breakfast with friends at Haute Cakes, I had to stop in at Urban Gardener next door. 

I ended up walking out of there with this pretty little tree that I then put in one of my vintage French champagne buckets. They gave me simple instructions on filling up the bucket with oasis and watering it well. A little moss on top finishes off the look. 

We haven’t had a lovely real tree like this in years, so I’m thrilled to have this little charmer to greet me at my front door everyday, and it's filled with some of my favorite heirloom ornaments.  

This is just a quick snapshot taken with my phone, and I’m hoping to whip out my Canon and take some better pics soon. The big tree is up in the living room, and we definitely need to finish decorating it this weekend. 

How about you? Are you putting up a tree this year? 

Urban Gardener

 Here’s a little peek inside Urban Gardener... 

Urban Gardener

I love the idea of adding a few lemons to a simple wreath for Christmas, 

don’t you? 

Urban Gardener

I couldn’t help snap a picture of this pretty farmhouse decked out for the holidays. Do you recognize it as one from the Newport Harbor Home Tour last year? 

Check out the inside here. 

Next week, I’ll be busy at this quaint little cottage, prettying it up for the holidays with a fun tablescape and lots of Christmas décor. I’ll share more soon!

And I just have to share this adorable picture of The Paper Merchant in Geneva, Illinois taken by my blogging friend at Sixty-Fifth Avenue.    

The Paper Merchant in Geneva

I haven’t been to Geneva for their annual Christmas walk which looks like so much fun, but you can check out some of my favorite Geneva homes here and here when I did visit during summer and fall. 

The Paper Merchant in Geneva

I’m off to finish decorating the big tree now.... 

ciao! fabiana 

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