November 20, 2018

thanksgiving prep

I’m so looking forward to Thursday. I spent most of this morning prepping for Thanksgiving and cooking a few things ahead of time.

Turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes

have always been my favorite meal!

In fact in high school, every Thursday, turkey and gravy were on the menu, and I would get really excited about it, like to the point of doing a happy dance! My best friend Lisa still remembers my crazy turkey Thursdays and sometimes teases me about it to this day!

We did have really good cafeteria in high school!

And being the foodie,
that I am,

I was very Thankful!

Do you like to start prepping a few days before Thanksgiving day? I have to start early, otherwise I get super stressed out, and maybe even a little cranky, so I started this morning with the cranberry sauce, which is the easiest thing to make.

I like to put the zest and juice of one orange in the mix as well as some grated ginger. Then all it needs is a little water and about ½ cup of brown sugar.

While the cranberry mixture was on the stove, I put about eight sweet potatoes in the oven, skin and all, on a cookie sheet. After they’re fork tender and cooled a bit, I just peel the skin off and mash them in a large bowl. I like to add a little butter, salt, pepper and a splash of maple syrup to my sweet potatoes.

They come out really good and not overly sweet. Then on Thursday, once the turkey is done, I’ll pop the casserole dish of sweet potatoes back in the oven to warm up, and at that time, I usually add a few mini marshmallows around the perimeter for those who need that extra sweet bite.

Everyone seems to like them that way.

After lunch, I decided to tackle the stuffing. This year I’m trying a different approach and making the stuffing more like a savory bread pudding with a milk and egg based custard that gets soaked up my the bread cubes I toasted.

We buy fresh French bread every other day at C’est si Bon bakery, so I use the day old, hard bread for other things like breadcrumbs, and it’s so perfect for stuffing!

I can’t wait to gather around the dinner table with family Even though our group is small this year with only 9 of us, it doesn’t stop us from having a good time.

After dinner we like to play a game like charades or Apples to Apples and if it’s cool enough, I’d love to light the fireplace.

I hope to check in with you again before Thanksgiving…

I have some really fun news to share!

ciao! fabiana

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