June 29, 2012

a backyard fire pit

Living in Southern California,
we usually have beautiful warm days,
but our nights are always cool.  

So, it's almost an essential
to have an outdoor heat lamp
or fire element for outdoor entertaining.  

Fire pits are becoming
more and more popular
and are a perfect gathering spot 
for friends and family.
Here are a few of my favorites....

Newport Harbor

via Garden Studio Design

via Coastal Living 


via David Pedersen Landscape

Peninsula Point

Newport Heights

via Chic Coastal Living

via Sunset

via Sunset

via Sunset
overlooking Napa Valley

The Montage in Laguna

designed by Trina Turk

via bhg

Here's our new fire pit....

We had it built between our 
dining area 
and pool lounging area.  

The ceramic fish is vintage from Mexico 
and the pillows are from Pottery Barn. 

This is now the perfect spot for 
family gatherings 
and roasting marshmallows! 

ciao! fabiana


  1. Aren't the photos wonderful? But I must say you have a wonderful pit. Good Job! I know I could put one to good use and I have been thinking about it. I just need to find a brick mason. Thanks for the inspiration. I am a first time visitor, coming from the Southern Party. Drop by for a visit. Kathy

  2. You have a wonderful firepit area!

  3. i love how it's built, it's so interesting! what a fabulous space!

  4. Fabiana, your fire pit is spectacular! Thank you for sharing it at Potpourri Friday!

  5. fire pits are a great outdoor feature! Enjoy!

  6. Fabiana that is an awesome fire pit!!! We are looking at having one installed. Thanx for sharing with us all. Party at Fabiana's!:)

  7. Thanks for sharing all the fire pit images, they are great to have.

  8. Awesome fire pit! Thanks for posting...urs is inspiring!


  9. That is so fantastic! I can just imagine how wonderful it is to be out there in the evening. Makes me miss my SoCal days! :-) Thanks for sharing this at Inspiration Friday!

  10. Perfection and the fish sculpture just stole my heart!

  11. Hi, I've just popped over from Debbie's Linky Party and I've pinned your post on Pinterest and I'm now your newest Follower! I love firepits, in fact we used ours last night. You mentioned you were form Cali and I was wondering if your pits had to be gas or could you use wood? I'm in Maine at our cottage and we use wood, I love the idea of gas though! No mess to clean up after! Well, I'm off to explore more of your lovely blog! Have a great weekend!


  12. Love that fish!! Oh and the firepit of course! I am dropping over from Debbie's party. I pinned this on my Pinterest board, Outdoor Spaces! We are actually just working on our backyard so this is a great inspiration for me!! Oh, and your newest follower!!

  13. That is a gorgeous outdoor space!! LOVE the fish too!

  14. I like that one in New Port Harbor. I think it’s perfect for some quiet time alone or with someone special. :) You see, the structure is not really ideal for a big gathering of family or friends. It provides heat for one’s own relaxation. -->Cathy

  15. Wow, they are all beautiful! I don’t know what to pick! I like that one in the New Port harbor. I could imagine myself lying in that sofa bed while enjoying the sea breeze without getting cold from it, thanks to that fire pit. =)

    Nohemi Tutterrow


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