June 23, 2012

skip the botox. try facial yoga

I am totally gonna try this!  
Have any of you tried facial yoga?

Free Your Tongue 
It is recommended that you hold this pose for 60 seconds.
It is good if your eyes water;
that flushes the toxins that may have accumulated there.

Temple Dancer Eyes
This exercise works on the ring muscles of the eyes
to prevent sagging skin and crow's feet.

Smiling Fish Face
Smile while pursing your lips. T
his pose is modeled after the look celebrities
often give the paparazzi.

Lion Face, Part I
Inhale through your nose, make fists
and squeeze all your facial muscles...

Lion Face, Part II
Now exhale through your mouth, stick out your tongue,
roll your eyes up and open your hands. Repeat three times.

Surprise Me!
Widen your eyes, as though surprised,
but try not to wrinkle the brow.
Focus on a point in front of you for about five to ten seconds.
Then repeat, four times.

Named for Louis Armstrong,
 this poses mimics the cheeks of a trumpet player.

The repetitive puckering and blowing
creates stronger, firmer lips.

Baby Bird
Swallow while pressing the tip of the tongue to the roof of your mouth.
Then tilt your head slightly to the left and swallow.
Then repeat, towards the right.
This exercise helps jowls from forming.

Buddha Face
Close your eyes, relax and imagine a point between the brows.
Hold for one minute, or longer.

ciao! fabiana

p.s. you may want to warn
your family or roommates before starting!


  1. Years ago a woman came out with a book called Facercise that is basically the same thing. I've always thought I'd like to try it. You can find it here: http://www.amazon.com/Carole-Maggio-Facercise-Muscle-Toning-Appearance/dp/0399527834
    4-1/2 star rating - must work for people!

  2. haha. I thought about doing a post along this line too or at least a facebook status update after watching RHNYC. :D and their facial yoga.
    have a fun weekend

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