June 15, 2012

shopping at the Hotel del Coronado

Est. 1888 is one of my favorite shops at the Hotel del Coronado. It's located right near the main lobby and has a great vintage feel to it. 

Here I am posing with Josephine (aka Tony Curtis) from the movie "Some Like it Hot". If you haven't seen this movie, OMG, it’s hilarious and such a classic. It also stars Marilyn Monroe and Jack Lemmon. Anyways, they carry all kinds of fun gifts, books, souvenirs and perfumes.

I’m a huge fan of the movie,
but they have lots of other fun gifts.

The ice cream shop, Moo Time Creamery is outstanding!
 You can smell the fresh waffle cones every time
 you come near this side of the hotel.

A definite destination if you’re visiting the island! 

There's a whole wing of stores downstairs
 under the lobby of the "del".

The Babcock & Story Emporium is located next to the bar and nearest to the beach and pool area. They have such cute beachy things and a great selection of chocolate, which makes this, as I told my husband, the perfect store for me!

They’re even featuring

Barclay Butera's book, above.

From chocolate to...

... the bakery.

A great place for a morning Starbuck's and a treat! 

The bar is a great gathering spot.

Here's where we watched the Stanley Cup Finals
(Go Kings!)
 and enjoyed an awesome turkey burger topped
with brie and candied orange peel.  


ciao! fabiana


Linda in AZ * said...

*** When I was a PSA (Pacific Southwest Airlines) graduating "stewardess" (that's what they were called in THOSE late days of the 60's!), our big graduation party from "flight school" was held here... on top of all the fun n' excitement, I was named "Miss Congeniality" of my graduating class, too...(And I can't BELIEVE I STILL have my gold wings from that!!!).

Lordie, this brought back soooomany memories I haven't thought of in soooo long... LOTS of FUN READING/VIEWING here for me (and so much has CHANGED, of course!)...

MANY THANKS for the walk down memory lane!
Linda in AZ *

Janette - The2Seasons said...

We loved your city. My husband and I are going back next spring to watch our son's high school basketball team play in BA. Part of our trip was devoted to helping some nuns remodel and paint their school. A post on that will be coming soon.

Be Colorful Coastal said...

I've never been but think I need to add this to my bucket list. The hubs went when our kids were younger and I probably thought one of us needed to be home at that time. Now that I see this I think he owes me a trip. :D


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