May 16, 2016

who'll stop the rain?

Who doesn’t love a bubble umbrella?!

They're so cute and practical, the way they envelop you and protect you from the rain.  Even though we don’t get a lot of rain here in So Cal, my choice for rainy day outings is this cute style by Shed Rain.     

Even the Queen loves a great clear bubble umbrella!
And, look at these cute patterns... 

I love the clear version, but I went with the black and white allover stripe design that has just the right amount of hot pink, the "Maddy" style.


Shed Rain even makes a dramatic and stylish leopard print umbrella!  Even super models get in on the this timeless look. Next on my umbrella list, this “Fierce Leopard” pattern! (Vintage fashion shot of Claudia Schiffer.)

ciao! fabiana

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