June 11, 2022

coastal grandmother style

“Coastal Grandmother Style” has become the “in” style for describing what most of us have loved for years. 

Southern living asks the simple question, “Do you love hydrangeas, button-downs, and Ina Garten?” 



Think of Diane Keaton in “Somethings Gotta Give”. Don't we all want to live in her amazing beach house and look effortlessly chic in a white turtleneck and white jeans while walking on the beach?


This new trend is an updated look on the classic traditional styles of the past but with a modern twist. 

We embrace the lovely china from our grandmothers but use it to set tables in a fun fresh way.


I love how this look combines so many things I love. It sort of has an old-school 1980’s preppy look to it, but in a more relaxed and refined way.



Any way you look at it, I’m here for this style! What about you?




ciao! fabiana



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Shopping info

Most items pictured are vintage found at flea markets, thrift stores or estate sales, while other items are inherited pieces. There are a few that are available here:


Photo One: Aster Napkins From August Table and Bamboo Flatware

Photo Two: Vintage Pink Glassware and Pink Napkins

Photo Three: Sea Glass Tablecloth and Seashell Placemats and Blue Napkins and Bamboo Flatware

Photo Five: Hobnail Candle 




You can check out some of my favorites here at Tablescaping Essentials*. 






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