July 9, 2020

inside dorinda's berkshires mansion

One of my favorite things about watching a show like the Real Housewives of New York City is not the drama, but getting a peek inside their fabulous homes! Airing tonight is the start of everyone's favorite episodes... when all the housewives come to visit and stay at Dorinda Medley’s gorgeous Berkshires home, that she’s named “Bluestone Manor”. 

In fact, Bluestone Manor is so fabulous that it’s been recently featured in Architectural Digest. After major flooding last year, Dorinda had to completely renovate many of her beautiful rooms, and the good news is, she’s updated them with more amazing d├ęcor. 

If you get a chance, tune in tonight for a fresh look at Bluestone Manor, especially for a peek at the controversial fish room that no one wanted to stay in before!  

ciao! fabiana

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photos via Architectural Digest and Instagram

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