July 11, 2020

fun summer herbs

I really miss those fun days spent going to my favorite thrift stores and flea markets. Ebay has been a good substitute when I need something specific, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with some of the freebies I’ve found lately. 

This rusty old tool box is my favorite color and has just the right patina for planting a few garden herbs. I have a new friend and neighbor, Gary, who was nice enough to give this to me. 

I just love how it looks with these colorful plants and culinary herbs, so I set the whole arrangement on the table in my breakfast room. But first, the table needed a fabric element, so I went into my linen closet a remembered that I had picked this cloth up recently the day after a garage sale for free.  

Such a cute combo of colors and textures! I added some lemons from the garden for good measure and another pop of yellow.  

Have you been treasure hunting lately? I’d love to hear about it!    

ciao! fabiana

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Anonymous said...

So cute!


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