May 18, 2020

a diy beachy tablescape for the family

With all the time we’re spending at home, it’s kind of fun to play house and set a lovely “Instagram worthy” table in our own homes. I know I’ve been doing that. I really enjoy sitting down for a meal at a pretty table, and I think my family appreciates the effort too! 

So today I’m sharing a few of my favorite Amazon picks that will bring your own table to life with coastal style that’s perfect for celebrating the upcoming summer season. 

With this selection, I’ve included most of the major components for this fun blue and white coastal look. All that’s needed to personalize the look are dinner plates.  

Your own classic white plates, blue and white transferware plates, or even red plates for a dash of patriotic flair will bring this table to life. Memorial Day is coming up very soon, so adding your own spin on this look would be perfect for the holiday! To make it easy, add silverware of your choice to finish off the look.   

This striped table runner is the foundation for our look. 

This will be the centerpiece of the table.  

Just add freshly cut flowers or branches. 

These placemats add just the right amount of texture to the table. 

Just the right color, and they add a beautiful sparkle to the table. 

It wouldn’t be summer without a little picnic check pattern at a table! 

These add a dash of fun,  
but can also be personalized with a lovely affirmation 
 for each member of your family. 

Sprinkle these treasures from the sea around the table for the finishing touch. 

The final touch is a subtle candlelight with  
an instant collection of pretty glass votives. 

These can be set on a nearby sideboard,  
or added in grouping to the table for a festive, coastal look. 

Bringing friends and family together is fun, especially when you can be surrounded by a gorgeous table. 

ciao! fabiana 

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