May 8, 2020

a farmhouse salad and diy project

Happy Friday! This is a big weekend for a lot of us with Mother’s Day on Sunday. Although it’ll be bittersweet in most cases, thoughts of mothers and children will still fill our hearts. 

Today I’m sharing a little peek at the current issue of Country Sampler Farmhouse Style out for Summer 2020. I have two special contributions this month including a fun DIY apron rack made from vintage yard sticks. 

We shoot way ahead for these seasonal issues. In fact, I’m working on a few fun Christmas recipes and crafts for the Farmhouse Style Christmas Special Issue due out later this year. For the summer issue, Lisa Sloan wrote a darling article called “Ties to the Past” and provides insightful and delightful info on the history of aprons. 

We all remember our moms and grandmothers donning aprons, and we all probably  occasionally tie one on as well, because not only are aprons useful while cooking, they also provide a touch of nostalgia that is genuinely heartwarming.   

I was honored when they used my photo as the lead-in for the apron article. I somehow came up with the idea to use yardsticks and clothespins as a fun DIY apron holder. 

I have a collection of colorful vintage aprons, and they’re so lightweight and dainty, that the rack worked perfectly to display them. My friend Maureen lent me the pretty apron with the cherries and red sash. It proved to be the inspiration point for the whole grouping. 

Originally, I was on the hunt for a bowl of cherries to set on the chair, but they were clearly out of season in the fall when this was shot, so I settled for a homey bunch of radishes instead, lol. I think the color of the radishes actually works better than the cherries ever could have.   

Overall, I'm happy with the summery feel of the whole layout, and the potted begonias add the perfect old fashioned look to fit with this story.

Also featured in this summer issue is my recipe for a Caesar Potato Salad. This recipe literally takes two all-time favorite salads and combines them into one amazingly tasty creation!  

So perfect for any summer gathering or potluck. 

Hopefully we’ll be gathering with our friends and families soon, but in the meantime, why not try this recipe out for yourself? The dressing is everything... it’s so good! 

I’m not able to share this recipe quite yet here on the blog, because I created it exclusively for Country Sampler Farmhouse Style. Pick up an issue soon, if you get a chance. It’s also filled with lots more recipes, design ideas a pretty garden features. 

Here’s the pair of summer magazines that have my projects included in them. If you’re at the grocery store, pick up a copy or two, or you can even get them online. 

In fact, Cottages & Bungalows is offering a free download of this issue right now. Click HERE for all the details. 

ciao! fabiana 

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