May 17, 2020

flowers for the living room

Over the past few months, I’ve been spending most of my free time in the garden. Planting a few more climbing roses, starting a little vegetable patch, tending to my hydrangeas and enjoying the amazing bonus of always having fresh cut flowers at home.

Plus, I always have my favorite herbs on hand! They're scattered throughout the garden. Most of my favorite recipes include fresh herbs. They add such depth of flavor to food, and they're pretty nutritious too. One of my favorite dishes that combines plenty of tasty herbs is this recipe for French Onion Soup includes fresh sage, thyme and bay leaves from the garden.

The snapshot above of a corner of my living room captures the snowball viburnum I brought in from the backyard. I love how the flowers turn from soft lime green to creamy white. If only they had a longer blooming period! 

I’d love hear from you... 

How have you been spending your time this spring?   

What are your favorite flowers? 

What’s your favorite recipe to prepare at home? 

What do you miss the most about freely roaming this world? 

Just leave me a comment or let me know via email.

xoxo    fabiana 

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