October 9, 2019

progress report: fall tablescapes

Autumn in the neighborhood

This is turning out to be a very busy week in the tablescaping department. Later this morning, I’m headed to Pelican Courtyard to set the table for an intimate fall tea party we’re having with some of the girls from Seaside Gallery 

It’s truly a collaborative effort with table linens provided by Pacific & Rose, lovely flowers styled by Crystal, and unique calligraphy pieces made by Kristen. Wait ‘til you see what Kristen Khan has created for the table. You'll love it! 

At home, I’ve got a couple of tables in progress, the first being this fall scheme featuring pears. The finishing touches have yet to be made, so this is just a little peek... 

I just LOVE these placemats and the fact that I found them at our church rummage sale last year for only a quarter each!

Here are the linens we’re using today to set our table at Pelican Courtyard, which is a dreamy little secret garden right here in Newport beach off of Pacific Coast Highway. 

Isn’t this the sweetest little garden? It even has a beautiful fire place that’s just the perfect focal point for when we’re seated at the table. 

On a different note, have you all been watching Friends lately? With the 25th anniversary of the show this year, I’m renewing my love for this series and can’t help but notice how fun their set is. Every time I watch, I have the urge to go thrifting!  

What’s so funny to me is that Monica and Rachel have the same vintage blue water glasses that I have and love to use for my tablescapes! If you notice, they’re always drinking orange juice from them. 

It reminds me of watching the Mary Tyler Moore Show recently and noticing that every time Mary and Rhoda are eating over at Mary’s, they set the table with vintage green glassware that I also have!    

My tables featuring the same blue glassware that Monica and Rachel have.

Oh, boy! Maybe I have too much time on my hands, but I always notice the details of set designs, especially in those old movies from the 1930’s and 1940’s.   
Now that fall is underway (yay!) I recently found a vintage group of brown transferware plates that are so pretty for the November time frame. You know me, I love any color of transferware 

This is what's going on in the dining room. I love the blue and white look with just a pop of mini orange pumpkins for each guest. 

BTW, that three-piece soup tureen set was found recently at a thrift store for four bucks... couldn’t pass it up, especially since I’ve been making so many soups this fall.   

I'll be finishing this table off later this week, and it'll be ready for the weekend. These photos were taken with my phone, so please excuse the grainy quality. I'll be whipping out my Canon for "real" photo of the final tables.

And we’re just starting our Halloween porch d├ęcor... 

How’s your October going so far? 

ciao! fabiana

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