January 22, 2018

monday musings

It’s Monday, so I think we need a
little color, brightness and fun today to liven up
what could wind up being a bit of a dreary day.

Let’s accentuate the positive…

and I’d love to hear your feedback…

If you had to set up a romantic little

what would your go-to items be?

Do you celebrate Mardi Gras aka
Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday?

Disneyland is one of the few places I know of
here in southern California that
offers a fun Mardi Gras celebration,
New Orleans style!

If you observe Lent, 
then you may have reason 
to celebrate on February 13th.

It's a good excuse to indulge in a little 
Valentine's Day chocolate on the 13th,
since Lent starts on February 14th this year. 

There are several things that can instantly put a smile on my face, and sunflowers are one of them. They're like huge smiley face, aren't they?

My brother-in-law recently gave me this large painting of sunflowers that he bought in Laguna BeachI just love all the cheery colors, so I have it here in the family room, right near my desk, where I can look at it throughout the day.

It just radiates sunshine and happy thoughts!

ciao! fabiana

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