November 9, 2015

how to set up a coffee station

excerpts from the  book the inspired room

A Personalized Coffee Station
No matter the season, create a space that welcomes you, your family, and your guests to indulge in a freshly brewed cup of coffee.  With a few steps, you can set up your own coffee station on a counter, a roller cart, or anywhere you have room.

Container of your favorite coffee
Choose a pretty jar or canister and fill it with really good coffee. Some of my favorites include Stumptown Coffee, Sleepy Monk, and Storyville Coffee Roasters.  Have a coffee scoop in or near the jar.  Don’t forget other beverage favorites that suit the season.  Fill a container with hot chocolate and tea packets! 

By “coffeemaker” I don’t mean a live-in barista! But wouldn’t that be nice? The appliance you have doesn’t have to be fancy—anything from a drip coffeemaker to a French Press to a Nespresso will do.

Mugs and a mug tree
Mix and match different mugs for an eclectic look or go classic with simple white mugs. What’s more fun than finding a special mug (or receiving one) and then displaying it?

A pretty towel or napkins
Hang towels and stack pretty napkins near your coffee station to bring a touch of seasonal color to your kitchen. We made our own rod to hang towels by sliding a long branch through shelf brackets.

Personalized taste mini station: cream, sugar, and syrup
Provide options for every personal taste with cream, sugar, and flavored syrups. Don’t forget seasonal coffee and syrup flavors. Place syrup bottles on the counter (or make your syrup and use glass oil dispensers for a clean look), in a wine bottle rack, or in a basket that can be moved if you need the counter space.

Bring in seasonal touches
Enhance your coffee station with mini trees and a hand-made Christmas banner.  Little accents will add just the right amount of  holiday cheer.

 This lovely excerpt is from 
The Inspired Room, 
a brand new book by 
Melissa Michaels of 
The Inspired Room blog,
one of my favorite daily reads! 

ciao! fabiana

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