November 16, 2015

throw in some tartan this season

Fall and winter are seasons when I just want to feel cozy.  While I was shopping the other day, I spotted a few pretty plaid throws that I thought would make great holiday gifts, but then it occurred to me how great these large tartan scarves would look on a table. 

I remember seeing some tablescapes on pinterest that I loved, using table scarves.  So, I picked up a few at only $10-$15 each.  

These are oversized, so they fit beautifully on a dining table.  After the holidays, they are perfect to add to my wardrobe to keep me warm during those cold winter months!

Here are the two I decided to work into a tablescape.  The gray one has pretty orange and yellow accents, so I thought it would look lovely with a bouquet of fall leaves I clipped  a from a tree in the neighborhood.  

The “Burberry” print scarf is so pretty for fall or Christmas, since it has hints of red in it.  The real Burberry scarves sell for about $395!  Lovely, I’m sure, but we are just having a little fun here!  

Orange and hints of yellow are perfect for fall.

I like adding a few rustic touches, in keeping with the season. 

This was my Friday night dinner tablescape.

Now for this other scarf, I started playing around 
with my different Thanksgiving plates and accessories.

A variety of turkey plates look great with the colors in this plaid table scarf.  I just love the colors of fall!  

I love that this “Burberry” pattern crosses over so easily into Christmas and winter.  This fun little stocking that holds silverware and the little snow globe place card holder are new!  Here are a few of my favorite inspiration photos....

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ciao! fabiana

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BelleAndBeau Antiquarian said...

What retailer did you purchase the scarves from? So pretty!

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