August 10, 2015

herb wreaths

In Victorian times, herbs were fastened together into bouquets. Herbs each had symbolic meanings which added to the fun and fragrance of this tradition.  In modern times, herb wreathes take the place of bouquets, and we appreciate them for their decorative beauty as well as their aroma.  These are so pretty to hang in the kitchen or garden.

To make an herb wreath, harvest herbs, leaving the stems about 3 inches long, and place in water. Use fresh, herbs, and make sure they are will withstand being wrapped around the wreath.  My favorite picks are lavender, rosemary, bay and sage. Wash and clean up the cuttings and lay out small bundles of each herb, using three to five stems per bundle. Next, wrap floral wire around an 8-inch or 10-inch, double-wire wreath so that the wire forms a sturdy base which is helpful for securing the herbs. Using the same wire, secure the herbs to the wreath, wrapping the wire around the bottom of the herb stems. Place the next bundle so that it covers the stems of the first, arranging each variety of herb in its own section.  Finish off by hanging with your favorite ribbon.

image via bhg

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