April 26, 2012

the luxury of an eat-in kitchen

Eat-In kitchens are always so warm  and inviting.  Whether the seating is a banquet, upholstered chairs or simple stools, everyone can feel right at home in a kitchen filled with great conversation, yummy food and wonderful aromas.  For me they bring back wonderful childhood memories, but our family kitchen never looked like any of these!    


  1. What a beautiful selection of kitchens! I particularly love the white kitchen with a touch of green!

  2. These kitchens are all so gorgeous! Love the first one, and the one with the beautiful striped chairs. I certainly don't have an eat-in kitchen now, but one day....I can hope :)

  3. Our kitchen is an eat in kitchen and we love it! It is actually one big room and includes our family room as well!
    dee dee

  4. There was not one kitchen that I did not love! They are all absolutely gorgeous, and now I have kitchen envy ;) This will come in handy when I win the lotto. I currently have a eat in kitchen and with two little ones, it sure does come in handy, and I love it. Thanks for the inspirations.

  5. Loved all of them...will take all of them! Hahaha...I love a beautiful kitchen. Kind of gets to you!

  6. Absolutely beautiful!! The kitchens look so inviting and a fun place for the whole family!! Thanks for coming to our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday." We hope you'll be back soon! -The Sisters

  7. All of these kitchens are stunning but as someone who has a 1950s eat-in kitchen I'm not sure I'd live with it again! It just gets too frustrating trying to work around people at the dinner table when you're trying to cook, and everyone is sitting right in the middle of the mess at a party! That said, I might do it again if I had a separate dining space for formal entertaining, or if at least the kitchen was large enough to have the fridge, sink and oven close to each other (rather than on other sides of the room). A breakfast nook seems like a better option!

    Great post Fabiana - you've found some beautiful spaces xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)


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