November 6, 2022

the most elegant pumpkin decor

Pumpkin season continues on into November with some of my favorite heirloom varieties that I bought several weeks ago at Armstrong Gardens. 

From the middle of September right on through to Thanksgiving, pumpkins have a dear place in my home. I have some of the prettiest ones displayed in my living room.


I always go for the soft muted tones of these gorgeous gourds, and it’s always fun to incorporate them onto a tablescape, mantel, sideboard or hutch.


I understand some of these varieties are also very delicious, so I’ll have to do a little more research and find out which ones work best for baking and roasting.


All I know is I love to see them in their full autumn glory here in the living room among the houseplants and books.  


This bumpy green one is just so beautiful! It reminds me of a cozy, chunky knit sweater, doesn’t it?

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, friends! 

ciao! fabiana


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