November 9, 2022

gorgeous Thanksgiving poinsettias


Up until this year I’d never heard of Thanksgiving Poinsettias, but I’ve come to learn that it’s a thing, and I just love how they bring that indescribable autumn feeling to the table.

The variety at the center of the table is fittingly called “Autumn Leaves” and is now available at Armstrong Garden Centers along with two other beautiful Thanksgiving Poinsettia varieties called Golden Glo and Orange Glo.

I placed three pots of “Autumn Leaves” in one of my favorite wicker baskets and it turned out to be such a lovely centerpiece for this table that you can see is all decked out with Thanksgiving touches.


In this photo, above, you can see all three varieties in one basket for a gorgeous ombre effect.


One of the prettiest things about the fall season are the gorgeous autumn leaves that appear at this time of year, so why not have that look right at your Thanksgiving table?


Vintage ceramic turkeys, mini pumpkins and pretty votives are the perfect accents for these autumn flowers.


If you’re wondering about the table linens, these are a brand-new color way of the Talelayo pattern from August Table.


I layered the fan-folded napkin on top of a turkey salad plate, a dinner plate and a wooden charger. The little wicker napkin ring picks up on the natural textures of the big basket holding the Thanksgiving Poinsettias.


Check out the pretty details of the napkins and the napkin ring here. For buying info, check out these links:


Talelayo Brown Napkins and Tablecloth


Set of 12 Rattan Napkin Holders


Here are the Poinsettia varieties that Armstrong’s carries. The top three are the ones I am highlighting here today on the blog.


In this photo, I switched out on of the “Autumn Leaves” poinsettias for one “Golden Glo” on the top left. It’s a slightly different look and I love all the possibilities with these three beautiful new poinsettia varieties.


So, for an effortless look for your Thanksgiving table, you can’t go wrong with these bold and lovely poinsettias from Armstrong Garden Centers

They’re not just for Christmas anymore, you know!

ciao! fabiana


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