December 2, 2021

very fun holiday projects and recipes

Happy December 1st to you all! As we head right into the Christmas holidays, I think our creative selves come out a little bit more.


That’s why it’s always inspiring to flip through the pages of Country Sampler Farmhouse Style to gather ideas and implement them in our own homes.

The winter 2021 issue that you see above features a really yummy recipe for Hummingbird Cake.


Have you ever had Hummingbird Cake? It features the flavors of pineapple, banana, and pecans all held together with the most delicious cream cheese frosting!


I can’t divulge this old-fashioned classic’s recipe at this time, but you can find it in this issue on the last page.



There are also a few of my DIY tree ornaments featured in the winter issue. 


This second Country Sampler Farmhouse Style edition is really full of great holiday inspiration too. It's the special Christmas bonus issue. Check out the domino garland I made above from vintage black dominoes and wooden beads.  

The home tours are especially beautiful, and aside from that, I’m excited to share that I have 8 projects featured in this issue, including 3 garland ideas and 2 DIY pillows.


A few of my other favorite projects include utensil holders, a Christmas tree shaped pillow and a nativity scene stenciled on a pillow.  


Be sure to pick up a copy or two, if you see them at the store. I really think you'll love them!

ciao! fabiana


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