December 2, 2021

the best ideas for Christmas greenery


One of the things I love most about living in southern California is all the lovely citrus that we get during the winter months.


The oranges came directly from our backyard, and not only are they a delicious variety of navel orange, but they also make for a cute display on my little Christmas tree when they’re sliced and dried in the oven.


Simple twine does the trick for arranging them on a little noble fir tree like this. 🍊🌲

Mixed greens garland and fresh tree are from Armstrong Garden Center. The 
Moët champagne bucket is from my collection. 

Whenever I see a vintage champagne bucket while out thrifting, I grab it. They're so handy for so many things!


If you’re looking for a lovely hostess gift idea, how about a beautiful glazed terracotta pot filled with culinary herbs? Perfect timing with the holidays just right around the corner.


I got everything I needed at Armstrong’s including this lovely Italian-style pot, and I filled it with some of my favorite herbs, parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme.


While cooking during the holidays, these flavorful lovelies are right at your fingertips. Just snip a few sprigs and add to your turkey or favorite side dish. 🤍🌿


Here’s one of the wreaths on our front doors. We have double doors, so I always like to get a pair of matching wreaths. 

These lush evergreen wreaths are from our local Armstrong’s, which is just a few blocks away. I then added a trio of  antique-looking bells on each wreath. 

I love the way they softly clang upon our arrival. I knew the look I was after for this year’s doors, so luckily Amazon had just the right ones!   

ciao! fabiana



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