June 25, 2021

an old-fashioned apple dessert we love

It’s kind of funny, but we just started harvesting from our little apple tree in the backyard. Isn’t June kind of early for apples? Well, I really don’t mind, because this variety of Anna apple grows so well here in southern California.  


We eat them right off the tree, I make deliciously spicy ginger applesauce, and I sometimes peel, core and slice the apples to freeze for making pies and desserts later in the year.  


Yesterday I had a little time in the morning to bake a little something, so I decided on one of my all-time favorites, a Huguenot Torte. I first discovered this recipe while visiting Charleston years ago. It’s a really popular dessert there in that part of the Lowcountry. 


As a souvenir, I bought myself a copy of Mrs. Whaley Entertains, a charming little cookbook filled with recipes and stories. Many of Mrs. Whaley’s recipes have become staples for me in my kitchen. Her version of the Huguenot Torte is included in this book and is soooo good! 

In addition to the Huguenot Torte, “Marty’s Pork Tenderloin” made with rosemary, garlic and apricot jam is an amazing dinner party recipe. I’ve made it so many times, and it’s always a crowd pleaser.  (recipe also include below) 


Now back to the apples...  🍎🍏   

This apple recipe is easy to make and comes together quite quickly. There’s no crust to make, and after the eggs are whipped, you just pop everything else right in the mixing bowl... except the whipped cream or ice cream, of course!

Add to a buttered baking dish and toss in the oven... that's it.  


Here's a peek at my little fruity charmer. Apple season here in Newport Beach is just starting, and I recently planted another apple tree called “Beverly Hills”. This variety also does very well here in our climate and with a name like that, I just had to have it! 


Fresh out of the oven, the top of this dessert forms its own crispy crust and the flavor is so good, it’s reminiscent of a pecan pie, but not as sweet.  


I’ve also adjusted this recipe with less sugar and more apples, because why not? We need to use up those precious apples! 


It’s light and so yummy with whipped cream, but around here, we like to add a bit of French vanilla ice cream. A few seconds in the microwave and you get that soft serve texture that I love! 


You can try this recipe the original way it was made by Emily Whaley, or you can adjust the sweetness like I did. I hope you try it. I'd recommend using a granny smith apple, if you’re not sure. 


As of now, half this dessert is gone, and going fast! I may have to make it again tomorrow... 

I took these snapshots right on my kitchen table, and you can see my favorite blue and white runner by Pacific & Rose is supplying lots of color and texture to the breakfast room. It’s the perfect shade of blue!

Blue and white just feels so fresh and summery, and I’m happy to be in full swing of the season. I hope it’s not too hot where you are! Happy Wednesday  


ciao! fabiana 



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