January 6, 2020

beverly hills weekend

The Montage

Back in November, my hubby and I had a little weekend retreat up in Beverly Hills as sort of a post birthday celebration for me. Leading up to our getaway, I had compiled a list of my favorite go-places that I was sure I didn’t want to miss! 

The Montage

I spent my high school and college days in Beverly Hills, and although it’s changed a lot since those times, it’s always fun to revisit some of my favorite old spots and some new ones, as well. 

The "flats" of  Beverly Hills is very pedestrian friendly. I love walking from my mom's place to Beverly Drive and then grabbing breakfast or lunch. It's only a few blocks away, and I just love catching every detail of the old French Normandy style homes or vintage Spanish bungalows along the way.

On the North side of Wilshire Boulevard, you’ll find this beauty known as the Witch’s House. Leading up to Halloween, this place is totally decked out in authentic witchy details like pumpkins, broomsticks and a even few spooky birds. 

Greystone Mansion

North of Sunset, you’ll find the Greystone Mansion. The house itself is not open to the public, but I always tell anyone visiting, this is Beverly Hills’ best kept secret.  The garden and vistas are spectacular! It’s actually run by the parks department, and it’s free to enter.  

Once you start exploring the beautiful grounds, you’ll discover one of the best views of the city and Los Angeles below. There are lots of pretty fountains, alleys of tall Italian cypress trees and even a little turtle pond.  

All this outdoor beauty is set against the backdrop of this amazing 1928 mansion also known as the Doheny Estate.  

Il Pastaio

Beverly Hills has some amazing restaurants and at the top of our list is Il Pastaio.

Il Pastaio translates to “the pasta maker” and if you want authentic Italian food, this is the place to go. Alfresco dining is preferred and you never know if you’ll run into a celebrity or two while you're here!

We started with the Timballo di Zuchine... oh, my goodness, it was so good! I’ve never had anything quite like this. It’s a light and airy zucchini souffle served over a roasted red pepper sauce with a touch of truffle fondue. Wow!! 

After dinner, it’s always fun to stroll on Rodeo Drive and do a little window shopping. Beverly and Canon Drives are also great streets for walking, and people watching is an added bonus! 

The Ivy

That brings me to one of my favorite restaurants, The Ivy. I love starting my day there having one of their glorious breakfasts. Crab Cakes Benedict, anyone? 

They open at 8am which is so perfect for me because I’m such an early bird, but of course, they’re open for lunch and dinner too. I just can't get enough of this pretty place! 

The Ivy

Breakfast at The Ivy is one of my favorite best kept secrets. Why fight the crowds when we can practically have the whole place to ourselves? Aside from a couple of other diners inside, we were the only ones on the patio enjoying the morning sunlight. 

There was even an ultra-famous movie producer who arrived when we did and conducted what looked like a Hollywood business meeting next to the fireplace in the French room with all the flags. That beats any stuffy old boardroom, for sure!  

The Ivy

My cappuccino and I are quite content here! 

Here's a list of some of my favorite noshing spots that we hit over this weekend getaway:

The Ivy  113 North Robertson Boulevard 

Il Pastaio  400 North Canon Drive 

The Urth CafĂ©  267 South Beverly Drive 

The Apple Pan  10801 West Pico Boulevard, West Los Angeles 

Malibu Farm  23000 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu 

The Draycott  15255 Palisades Village Lane, Pacific Palisades 

ciao! fabiana 

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