May 9, 2019

a fun field trip for mother's day

One of my favorite local field trips is to the gorgeous old Mission San Juan Capistrano. The gardens are  truly magnificent, and my family and I head down there a few times a year to just marvel at the history and beauty of this California landmark.  

There’s an unassuming calmness about this place. Unexpected beauty is everywhere. The koi fountains filled with water lilies are among my favorite things!

The colors are so vibrant here! And I love the contrasting plants like this amazing purple sage set among the rosette shaped succulents.

Mother’s Day weekend is the perfect time to visit the mission and wander around. I love to grab a cup of coffee at the Starbuck’s across the street and have a “Sip ‘n Stroll” around the gardens here.   

Remember the “Super Bloom” we had here in California about a month ago? Well you can still catch all the beauty of our favorite California Poppies and other native plants here at the mission.

The exquisite chapel is open to visitors. It’s also nice to know that prayer candles are available for purchase and you can light one in memory of someone special.

Another one of my favorite spots here at the mission is the potager, or kitchen garden. Look at the beauty of this artichoke! 

The surrounding area in SJC, especially near the train station is lovely to explore, as well. There are several quaint restaurants there with charming cottage gardens that are so fun to check out!  

And speaking of gardens and flowers, here’s my pick for a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift. If mom is interested at all in flowers or having beautiful arrangements of flowers at home, The Posy Book is perfect.

It’s like a recipe book for creating gorgeous flower arrangements at home!

It also includes the meanings of many of our favorite flowers and herbs. I love the idea of creating little floral messages.

Did you know that our favorite flower the hydrangea means devotion to love? Isn’t that sweet?

I also love that they include ideas to incorporate succulents and herbs into these posies.

Such a sweet idea!

The good news is this brand new book is available on Amazon,
my favorite way of shopping these days!

ciao! fabiana


Celia Becker said...

Oh I just love the Mission San Juan Capistrano! I used to visit often when we lived in the OC. You've reminded me I need to go back one day soon. Afterward I love eating at El Adobe Mexican restaurant in town. A visit to the train station is also fun. Ah, the memories. Happy Mother's Day. Love that floral book!

Fabiana said...

Thanks so much, Celia. You should visit again soon! It's always lovely any time of the year!

Happy Mother's Day and have a super weekend!!


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