January 11, 2017

pretty grays for the home

These days, I’m loving gray more and more. For the home, this “color” is quite versatile, and it always has an elegant vibe. Whether it’s paired with bright pops of color, or neutral tones, gray is always a winner.    

Gray, gray and more gray. With white trim, this whole look is crisp and fresh. Add a fun accent pillow and you're all set!  

Gray is equally perfect in 
fancy rooms and in casual spaces. 

Doesn’t this lavender-gray shade 
look great with bright, shiny  brass? 

Cream, white and gray. 
This color scheme is pretty fabulous too! 

Lots of white and lots of gray.

Gray makes any color looks neat and orderly.
This mud room will always look great 
with gray as a background. 

And so lovely with carrara marble.

With an infinite number of shades,
elegant gray is ultimately the perfect
combination of black and white.

Gray beadboard on the ceiling looks perfect in this all white kitchen, with chrome, carrara marble and natural wood finishes. 

Another gorgeous combination of finishes in this kitchen.

This details in this kitchen are gorgeous, yet amazingly simple! 

Similar, lovely details in this kitchen and this bath.
Carrara marble backsplash and wainscotting,
white floors, gray walls, bright white trim.

The formula works!

The juxtaposition of rustic and 
modern work together 
once again.

do something amazing today! 
ciao,  fabiana

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photo credits:
Traditional Home
At Home Arkansas
Traditional Home
Home Bunch
Blackband Design
Philip Gorrivan


designchic said...

I love gray in all shades, but the lavender gray is a favorite. I used it in my bathroom and bedroom in Beaufort and it is such a warm and inviting color. Happy Wednesday!

Unknown said...

I always thought that the grey colour could be too dull or would create a sad ambience. However, after looking at how other colours and patterns are added to the setting, I think grey hues could make the place look more modern and interesting. The storage cabinets in absolute grey look daring and chic while the marbled grey countertop of the storage island looks sophisticated.

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