June 22, 2016

summer beach house inspiration

Summer décor is all about being cool and breezy.

Keep things fresh and light.

Surf boards and woven textures epitomize beach house décor.

Fresh leaves and green tones soothe the soul.

Design with water and sand in mind,
and your home will thank you!

from the pages of  Coastal Living & Traditional Home

ciao! fabiana


  1. Bello il tuo post buon wend! Ciao ciao

  2. This beach house looks stunning. I always love to see a design and color like this. For me it was elegant. Thank you.

  3. Very much enjoy reading your lovely blog. It reminds me of the type of lovely rambling conversations I have with my adult daughters. Gorgeous. I feel like I have been lucky to enjoy the early days of ad free blogging - I know it is lovely that people can make money from their blogs but really those sponsored posts alter everything.
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  4. These bar stools! i love them, where are they from?!


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