April 4, 2015

an easy moss centerpiece for Easter

I just finished a simple moss and fern centerpiece for my Easter table.  My Italian fruit dessert plates were my starting point for the table, and I knew the look I was after was relaxed, and a little fun.  

Yesterday I ran into Home Depot to get a few things for the house, and I decided to check out the garden department for a little inspiration.  

I ended up buying 3 six packs of Scotch Moss and a pretty fern to use pieces of.  I like the woodland Spring feel of all the greenery.

I started with the Scotch Moss 

and an inexpensive 12" plastic pot liner.

I simply placed all the moss around the perimeter and then filled the middle.

All eighteen little plants fit perfectly!

I had some wide burlap ribbon, which I just wrapped around the piece to conceal the plastic.  A few branches of the fern I bought were added to soften the look of the burlap. 

Pretty yellow nasturtium from my garden add a little color, along with a vintage bunny and some Cadbury eggs, of course! 

happy easter! 


1 comment:

Vickie said...

Very pretty. Love your idea for the centerpiece.

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