April 15, 2015

how to add color with home accessories

This mid-western home would fit in perfectly here in California.  It’s light and airy and fun!   The colorful accessories add life to the neutral background colors of the upholstered pieces, walls and floors.  

It’s so easy to change the look and feel of a room when you can easily switch out pillows, throws and collectables.  I really like how the homeowner, Wendy Brown mixes and matches patterns and colors.  

She has a great eye for design, and I love that she exhibits a sense of history in her rooms.  Her love for tradition has overflowed into her business with the desire to keep the art of hand-written notes alive.

Her company Brown Ink is a charming paper company that offers pretty stationary, journals and writing implements.  

Don’t you love getting a 
handwritten card or letter 
from a friend?

Back to the d├ęcor….

Favorite collections add a pop of color 
and personalize this vignette.

The vegetable garden and beautiful shed are interactive additions to the yard.  The family spends quality time here planting and harvesting goodies. 

Just inside the garden, Wendy’s home office is small, but there is room for everything that matters!  The long butcher block desk surface spans the length of the room and is centered in front of this bright and cheerful window.  Again, color is added with  accessories.  

photos via bhg & brown ink

ciao! fabiana

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