February 8, 2015

cate blanchett

a page out of More Magazine

Cate Blanchett is one of my beauty and fashion icons. She always looks stunning on the red carpet, but in real life, she separates herself from Hollywood enough to keep it real.  Here are some of her beauty secrets from this month’s More Magazine.


THE PERKS OF A MORNING MASSAGE “There are so many good foun­dations and blushes, but the best makeup tip I’ve learned is to massage the skin with a moisturizer [before you apply your makeup] to get the blood flowing. The pros do this on set, particularly if I am filming in the morning. This wakes up the face and makes the skin appear fresher.”

LIP COLOR SHE LOVES “I just finished filming a movie with Rooney Mara called Carol, set in the 1950s, and I wore a red lip a lot—a look I’ve always liked.”

SKIN-CARE DEVOTION “I be­lieve the key to good skin is consistency. I do love fashion, but not when it comes to skin care. I’ve been using the same brand, SK-II, for 12 years now, long before I was its ambassa­dor, and I believe that’s made all the difference.”

IN-FLIGHT SKIN SAVERS “I pack an SK-II Eye Mask and a Fa­cial Treatment Mask. They are hydrat­ing and feed the skin. Of course, whether I can actually use them depends on how many of my kids are with me.”

THE LOOK SHE ADORED “I loved playing Bob Dylan [I’m Not There]. I wore no makeup at all because men’s skin is more uneven, and part of looking masculine was to let any imperfec­tion be apparent.”

HAIR HIGH POINT “I liked my hair best when it was short; it was so easy. But one of my favorite styles ever was at last year’s Academy Awards [when my hair was shoulder length]. I felt at ease. The style lasted but it wasn’t stiff.”

HAIR-CARE MUST-HAVES “I use products from Philip Kingsley; one of my favorites is the Elasticizer. Any chance I have in New York or London, I go to his clinic to get a scalp treatment.”

ON OVERTHINKING AGING “People do talk about aging and appear­ance an awful lot. And it’s not just actresses who deal with this. The world is completely obsessed with it. In some ways, it is just as diffi­cult for a mother of two in Milwaukee as it is for an actress. Perhaps [for actresses] there is more scrutinizing—and we get commented on more. But I don’t read those things. What’s the point? If my husband thinks I look good, that is what I care about.”

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