December 24, 2014

wrapping paper for a place setting

I like using fun wrapping paper as my inspiration for dinner party themes.  Just select your favorite paper, trace large circles using a salad plate, and there you go, you have a unique place setting!  The possibilities are endless to create custom themes for your next party!

ciao! Fabiana


  1. Where did you purchase the black and gold music script wrapping paper (Silent Night) you used in the clear plate place setting project?

  2. Fabiana, you are a genius! I bought some clear plates on clearance recently, with the intent of turning them into charger plates, but have been dithering over how to make them beautiful, but useable year round. This is perfect! I'll paint the edges gold, and use your idea, with pleasure. Thankyou so much! Pinned. Mimi xxx

  3. How do you attach the paper to plates??

    1. You don't need to attach paper, It just sits between the layers of plates. That way you can interchange the design to fit your theme and decor! I save the paper circles for the next time I need them.

  4. You can attach the paper to the back of the plate with Mod Podge.


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